Who We Are

We are individuals passionate about helping others find their flame within. Through work and education we can strengthen, increase, edify, and radiate pure light and happiness from within.


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Christopher is curious and inquisitive.

He is honest in heart with a sincere desire to serve.

Christopher Stapleton is a creative professional since 2003. He is pursuing a Masters Degree in Learning Experience Design and Educational Technology and has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Game Art & Design and Media Arts & Animation from the Art Institute of Seattle.

He has been freelancing for over 10 years in Washington and Utah State. Christopher enjoys teaching all levels and all ages. He looks forward to sharing his love of building meaningful and effective content with all students to develop their artistic abilities as well as meaningful friendships. Everyone can turn negative energy into positive energy simply by learning to take the steps from by changing the energy within. 


Christopher Stapleton


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Ignite Your
Flame Within

Life coaching that brings happiness to radiate pure light from within yourself. 

Each individual is a being of light within unique sets of challenges, talents, and abilities. As we work together in synergy we can achieve goals to prosper in innovation, creativity, and perpetuating balanced energy. 

I can show you how to overcome challenges in your life through consistent planning, coaching, and advise. 

Signature Coaching Program

Are you struggling in your life even though you have everything you want? 

Learn more about how to kindle the flame inside yourself to find happiness. 

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Vera is an experienced teacher. 

She has a passion for Applied Behavior Analysis in teaching kids with autism. She loves to learn. She is pursuing a Masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and has a Bachelors in Elementary Education & TESOL.

She has been working with different age groups of children and loves to help them understand more about the content they are trying to learn. She is empathic and cares deeply about a child’s educational ability to thrive in their dreams.


Vera Stapleton


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Tim Chamberlain and family

Tim Chamberlain

"Christopher listened to what I wanted and worked quickly to make a beautiful memory for me. Great product, well made and very beautiful! Thank you so much!"

Mark & Amy Andreasen

"Christopher's eye for design was added to our ideas and requests and we got what we wanted in an even more beautiful way! Thanks for your artistic talent that added to the beauty of our home."