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Our unique programs help parents and children both with autism and learning differences receive a custom education that has the potential to lead into gainful employment. 

Understand your child

As a parent your autistic child is going through a lot. Learn more about how you can help. 

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Understand your student

There's a lot to learn about your autistic student here's what they may be going through. 

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Understand Yourself

Learn more about yourself and effective coping mechanisms to turn your challenges into superpowers. 

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Ultimate Home Schooling

Boost your child's skills in a K-12 foundation custom made for them.

Two Professional Instructors

Autistic instructors teaching autistic learners 

Peer to Peer Community

One emerging community

Read. Watch. Learn.

Courses for parents, teachers, and siblings

Step 1 - Consultation

Meet with us in a 30 minute consultation to find out if we are a
good fit for your current situation.

Step 2 - Agreement

From the consultation we create an agreement between the parents 
or caregivers of each child to prepare for services. 

Step 3 - Assessments

After the agreement has been signed, we will provide assessments to find  your child's individualized gifts, and which programs are best suited for them. 

Step 4 - Final Contract

Finally, after the assessments are finalized and a contract is made,
we will begin to provide services for you and your child.

We have a four step intake process to provide services at Cold White Fire.

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Private Customized Learning for Children with Autism

A complete education program starts with private lessons for children with autism. 

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“The format of instruction at Cold White Fire was designed to help students learn to see themselves differently, which helped them learn great self confidence techniques, and all the basic fundamentals were taught in an easy-to-understand way."

"Teachers are taking careful note of everyone’s progress so that they could provide additional help where necessary. I would highly recommend Cold White Fire to anyone who is looking to further their passion while receiving creative skills to become a professional.”

Christopher Stapleton
Creative Director
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