Card Games for Children with Autism

Jul 28 / Christopher Stapleton
 We are working diligently to make a fun way to learn with our Soar Card Game featuring Christopher the main character that helps narrate books, games, and our products to help kids understand in their own way and have fun learning. 

The card game is in production and will be available on our website soon. We are creating games for children with autism with content that helps them have fun while learning, and working within their family at home in their own environment with our educational games, K-12 children's books, and other products. 

About Christopher the Narrator & Main Character in our Games

Christopher our narrator and main character is based from the artist Christopher Stapleton who is autistic (high functioning on the autism spectrum), and wants to share his methods how he learned with children kindergarten through twelfth grade and beyond into adulthood.  

"I want to share my experiences that could help anyone on the spectrum see how their challenges are actually super-powers! Yes, you read correctly." 

"Every individual I have met, who has been on the spectrum of autism have super-powers, are geniuses, savants, and a lot of skills, creativity, and whit! They do something really well, which I consider to be a passion." 

"When anyone focuses on their passion, and puts a lot of time, work, energy, education, and practice into doing that thing they enjoy; there is much joy to be gained. Perhaps a lot of frustration, effort, and persistence." 

If you are a parent of children with autism, I want to help. Why you ask? Because I didn't find out I had autism in my life until later in my adulthood and I couldn't figure out why my life was so odd and different. 

Odd and different are not bad by any direct or indirect meaning. I had a great childhood, teenage years, young single adulthood, and into adulthood, but I wasn't able to explain why things happened to me the way they had until I found out I had autism four times when a doctor didn't even tell me I had autism to my face, they were in my accessibility notes from the doctor. 

I would like to help children learn in a way that fits them specifically for their learning and for their passion. Based upon our STEAM education model, with customized curriculum through games, applied behavior analysis therapy, mentoring, coaching, and support geared to help children with autism succeed in their desires to continue making a difference they can be proud of, and you can be proud of them. 

Feel free to join our community if you desire to learn more. 
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