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focusing on positivity gratitude happiness Apr 27, 2023

I would like to welcome you to Cold White Fire. We are individuals who desire to help you fill your life with joy, happiness, and to radiate pure light from within by through being able to kindle or rekindle your flame within yourself.

The video above depicts individuals who are experiencing happiness in their lives with the miracle of people working together in synergy to help one another. We still desire to help people find happiness and joy in their lives to be able to have hope within these dark times in the last days. 

The first step to learning how to ignite your flame within is learning about gratitude. 

According to a recent study,

  • 88% of people are looking for new experiences to make them smile and laugh
  • 91% of people prefer brands to be funny and 72% would choose a brand that uses humor over the competition
  • 95% of business leaders fear using humor in customer interactions

Individuals are looking for ways to increase their passion, have more fun in their lives, and become a happier people. 

What is the source of true and authentic happiness? 

Why is trying to find happiness so challenging? 

Cold White Fire is an authentic and eternal light that radiates within. Men and women, teens, and even children can find lasting happiness and true joy by learning how to turn something negative or sad into a positive. Why try to turn something from a negative to a positive? Positive energy helps us feel light which produces endorphins that create happiness in one's life. 

Nobody would ever tell you that when they were depressed, sad, or fearful that positive energy would be able to nullify depression, yet it does. This positive energy and light I speak about is called gratitude. Gratitude is a way to nullify depression because when one is focused on good things that one has received its hard to switch back to bad things one has not yet received. 

If you are a skeptic or somewhat cynical of this idea that gratitude can nullify depression don't take my word for it, test it out yourself. 

Keep and write in a gratitude journal when you feel down, depressed, sad, or fearful for 30 days, 15 days if thats too long. Try to be consistent within your journal with the things you write down. You may start out with a lot of negativity, make another column for positivity and if its easier for you as a skeptic or cynic write down one negative thing, but then match it with a positive thing in another column. 

If you continue this pattern, hopefully you will find out that its easier to write negative things but much harder to write the positive things going on in one's life that one is grateful for. Why is darkness and negativity so easy to write versus the things that are positive and full of light so much more challenging to capture? 

I believe its due to what one focuses on. Its so much more simple to focus on the negative things of darkness than to really focus on positive things of light. We see so much negativity online, on the tv, and in newspapers, posts, and feeds on the internet. As one increases the light within themselves, they diminish darkness. 

I'm not saying darkness, depression, sadness, grief and other difficult things in life just go away, but its easier to not have to focus on them because focusing on the positive things are much more effective. Plus they help us feel better from endorphins. 

I would like to challenge you to focus on light. Focus on learning how to turn off the darkness by learning to be more grateful for things that one currently has in life. Depending upon the perspective, anything could be seen in a positive light rather than a depressing darkness. 

With this said, I have struggled with depression most of my life. I understand that darkness, depression, being sad and what not is really hard to overcome. I learned that through gratitude, and being grateful for what I currently have, has helped me find the flame that flickered within me, become a bright light radiating within with authentic and eternal joy simply by being grateful. If you don't believe me don't take my word for it. Try it for yourself. 


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