Challenges, Inner Strength, and Artwork

christ focusing on positivity inner circle outer circle overcoming challenges Apr 30, 2023
Ignite Your Flame Within through centering on Christ

As we learn to overcome challenges, they will get easier as one focuses on light, joy, peace, happiness through centering on Jesus Christ. 

Here is artwork I am doing to help myself learn anatomy centered on our Savior Jesus Christ. 

This is a skull I'm doing of my depictions of Christ. I'm starting with the bones of the body to make his face. I did this traditional drawing in 2D paper and graphite and will transfer it to 3D sculpting on the computer in Zbrush. 

This is the 2D drawing in Zbrush where I created a 3D sculpt of the skull. 

This is the side view of the 2D skull. 

When we take time to sharpen the saw and become better at our talents and skills, it will help us to have the spiritual traction we need to give us hope and have inner strength. 


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